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The Personnel Management System of the LLC Samaratransneft-Holding Group relies on the Functional HR Strategy, the Code of Business Conduct, Corporate Culture Rules and the Social Code of LLC Samaratransneft-Holding. The Social Code defines the corporate citizenship principles used by the Company to manage labor relations (including fringe benefits and guarantees available to its employees) and those existing between the Company and the public, as well as a number of other personnel management regulations.

The Personnel Management Policy serves as a guideline that defines the personnel management strategy and principles in the LLC Samaratransneft-Holding Group. The Personnel Management Policy mainly focuses on ensuring the maximum personnel investment efficiency through establishment of a system that would:

  • Motivate each employee to accomplish the Company’s goals;
  • Establishment of an efficient and robust company, its continuous development;
  • Ensure unbiased assessment of the achieved results;
  • Training and development, personnel potential planning;
  • Recruitment of the “cream of the crop” and efficient management of their capabilities;

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